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Authentic & Original 
Cowgirl Poetry

She writes and shares the life she lives.  From the rodeo to the range, and the vet truck to the ranch, Miska will take you there with her words.

At The In Gate

At The In Gate


There's cowboys out back

Lopin' circles and throwin' loops

The roughstock's penned up

Saddlebroncs  being loaded in cutes

The sheep are boxed in 

A small separate pen

Baaahing and ready for mutton bustin' to begin

The buttery smell of popcorn floats through the air

Rodeo queen primps coils of curls in honey hair

A calm, solid tension can be felt at the gate

We're ten minutes out, don't want to start late

The arena ground has been worked

Soft, moist and deep

So no cowboys get hurt

When they don't land on their feet

Chris LeDoux sings his heart out over stadium seats

As the crowd shuffles in carryin' sodas and treats

I check on the time,  we are five minutes out

Flag horses, ears perked, heads up line line

They know what this is about

Its time for our rodeo

This great American tradition

And no matter where you go

In our beautiful nation

It always starts the same, 

With the Anthem and a prayer

And words of honor for soldiers 

Who are no longer there

Split second fast pops open the gate

And my white horse, well, he hardly can wait

To gallop in Ol' Glory, he carries so proud

To celebrate America with our home town crowd

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